Sweden and Poland - common business, common security

26.09.2015 12:56
Sweden and Poland - common business, common security Source: polskieradio.pl

Development of ferry connections between Poland and Scandinavia in the 1990’s brought the Baltic adjoining countries closer and initiated a dynamic growth in trade exchange. Projects including Motorways of the Sea or Baltic-Adriatic Transport Cooperation (which evolves slowly but consistently) make Sweden and Poland key players among these potential countries which link the economic bloodstream along the north-south axis. However, is trade cooperation the only field where interests of our countries are shared?

Few will remember that the 2008 EU project of so-called Eastern Partnership (EaP) which aims at tightening cooperation between the European Union and Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova and final extension of the EU to the east was initiated by the diplomacy of Poland and Sweden. It is obvious that the strategic objective of this project is to push the safety buffer further to the east.

Recent research shows that 41 per cent of the Swedish population want to see Sweden among the NATO mebers, which is unprecedented. Until now, Sweden formally outside the NATO structures was rather sceptical – only 20 pre cent of Swedes supported NATO accession. This basic change is the result of the Ukrainian crisis and a general sense of impending doom from the east. It seems that Swedes want to play a more active part in building security and safety structures in Europe, and once more Poland and Sweden share the same interest. Especially that nothing is more favourable to business than permanent security.



Michał Trojanowski
Marketing Manager