An army of robots – reporting for duty in logistics

17.12.2015 13:53
Scandinavian warehouse

Yesterday I had a dream in which all the goods passing through the warehouse moved on automated logistics routes. Unhindered and almost silently, they floated along only 1.5 meter-wide aisle racking. Evenly, steadily and at intervals. Without rushing, yet on every call. Wandering through this unusual land, I passed by hundreds of pallets climbing upwards like the walls of a great modern bastion. There were pallets hidden in towers reaching up to a height of 40 meters above the floor of the warehouse. Goods in this logistics center were continuously monitored, any deviations from the standard were constantly updated, and the customers received online feeds. The entire logistics chain work as efficiently as the mechanism of a Swiss watch. This world was almost perfect. Errors resulting from manual warehouse management were minimized; there was no room for mistakes, and the planning time was reduced to a minimum.


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Modern solutions for logistics

30.11.2015 14:55
Scandinavian warehouse

Many customers who decide to transport very expensive goods or those susceptible to mechanical damage or other external factors, face a large financial dilemma of how to best protect their cargo. Commercially available technological options or solutions that are only just being tested are certainly an alluring alternative for the person responsible for shipment. (mer…)

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Poland – Scandinavia’s strategic hub?

26.10.2015 15:20
Polska strategicznym hubem Skandynawii? Projekt New Iron Silk Road. Źródło:

The highly dynamic changes on the international arena and the shifting balance of power on a global scale create completely new opportunities for countries in the Baltic Sea region. (mer…)

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Containers of future

13.10.2015 14:35
Kontenery przyszłości

Recently the transport market has been flooded with a number of technological innovations regarding intermodal transport, which is one of the most optimal options in terms of the macroeconomic scale of an enterprise. However, when making a decision whether to send a unit load in this way, we must be aware of the opportunities and risks arising from the intermodal option.

Indisputable advantages of this type of transport include, for example, the reduced transport costs (the further the distance for the goods to travel, the greater the economy), lack of exposure to communication problems (such as traffic jams, no thoroughfare, etc.) and others, resulting from the fact that a large batch of cargo can be sent at the same time. (mer…)

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Norway. Natural gas vs crude oil 1:0

29.09.2015 12:50
Norwegia. Gaz ziemny vs. ropa naftowa 1:0

It has happened! According to the analytic data this year (probbly first time in history) will see Norway profiting more from the export of natural gas than crude oil. It is common knowledge that this is a side effect of unstable low prices of crude oil in the world which have prevailed since the beginning of 2015. (mer…)

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